Evolving Technology

BMB RHINETRADE INC provides our customers unrivaled service & repair by always using top of the line Tools and Technology.

As newer cars come out, the technology becomes more advanced. You can be sure BMB Rhinetrade stays up to date with Dealership  Softwares. We use AutoLogic* providing complete coverage of all the vehicle systems and unique functions by coding and flash programming. This tool surpasses the functionality of other diagnostic tools as well as some dealer tool features.

We also use the AutoEvap leak detector, it is used to detect leaks in various automotive systems and hoses that are to small to be seen with the human eye. It can be used to test a variety of vehicle system leaks including the evaporative emissions control system, radiator system, etc.

These types of tools & technology; coupled with the advanced training of our Service Team gives our customers Dealer Level Service and Repair, without the Dealer Prices!