Meet The Team

Parts Manager:

Mike Saad- Parts Department Manager

With over 7 years experience in Auto Parts Sales, Mike can guarantee the lowest prices on OEM & After Market Foreign Luxury Car Parts. Mike offers Fast & Friendly Service, and he does his best to meet your needs!

Service Team:

Joed Saad- Customer Service Manager

Joed has 5 years experience meeting the expectations of our customers. He is apart of all aspects of business conducted at BMB Rhinetrade Inc. Joed will help take care of any issues or concerns our customers may have so that they feel their experience with BMB Rhinetrade Inc was a pleasurable one!

Mark Satz- Certified Hi Tech German Auto Technician

Mark has been with BMB Rhinetrade Inc for 6yrs. He brings over 20 years experience of servicing & repairing German Cars. He is a certified Mercedes & BMW Technician, specializing in transmission work. His knowledge includes the hi tech computers involved in diagnosing and repairing these autos.

Harlem- Certified R&R Specialist

Harlem has been working with BMB Rhinetrade Inc for 3 yrs and has over 25 years experience in general mechanics of Mercedes and BMW’s. Whether it’s a general brake job or a Head Gasket Replacement, Harlem has the skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Ed Saad- Shop Owner

Ed has owned numerous Auto Service Centers and brings over 40 yrs experience to the table. He is responsible for Pre- Owned Auto Sales, Insurance Work, Body Work, and oversees all business conducted at BMB Rhinetrade Inc.


BMB Rhinetrade is a family owned and family run business, and we invite you to become part of the BMB Rhinetrade Inc family!!